Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Little Witch Academia" is recommended!

It is a short film of enjoy with peace of mind to small children of the complete 26-minute episode.

Please take a look at this work that has been published to YouTube.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sliding Block Puzzle - SlidePhoto

SlidePhoto.jpg SlidePhoto - Koji Yamamoto

SlidePhoto is a puzzle to play with your favorite picture or photo.

Unfortunatly this App takes 10 seconds for the image to appear in iOS7.
Please wait for a while, I will update this App within few days.
I am very grateful for your perseverance.

The feature of an application
- You can begin easily by choosing an album.
- The game is the comfortable operation by touch.
- You can enjoy puzzle at your own pace, without caring about time or ranking. (Only Paid App Version)
- SlidePhoto is also neither an advertisement nor fee collection, so it is safe also for a child. (Only Paid App Version)
- SlidePhoto works on iOS5.(Only Paid App Version)

Game Mode
- 8 Puzzle ( 3 x 3 ) - Easy
- 15 Puzzle ( 4 x 4 ) - Normal
- 24 Puzzle ( 5 x 5 ) - Hard
- 35 Puzzle ( 6 x 6 ) - Super (Only Paid App Version)

Background Music By PANICPUMPKIN

How to put video and photo in camera roll of iPhone / iPad

AddPhoto.png AddPhoto - Koji Yamamoto 

AddPhoto allows you to easily add movies (MP4, M4V, MOV) and photos (JPEG, PNG) to the Camera Roll. 
AddPhoto works on iOS7.
Supports the Exif informations(shooting date and time, location) From this version(v4.0). 

✓ Save movies and photos to your Camera Roll.
✓ Even if you are not familiar with MAC/PC, no worries! Anyone can easily add photos.

✓ Supports the Exif informations(shooting date and time, location).
✓ The app is designed to work with the first generation iPad, so the app won't shut down.

How to use AddPhoto
(1) Your photos will be added to AddPhoto through iTunes file sharing.
(2) After using AddPhoto, the photos will be added to the Camera Roll. You can view or delete through the built-in app.

First-time users of file sharing
(1) Connect your iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC and launch iTunes.
(2) Select your iOS device and click the "Apps" tab. (Depending on the screen, you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.)
(3) Select AddPhoto under "File Sharing" at the bottom left of the screen.
(4) You can add your photos to the blank space at the bottom right of the screen.
(5) As you use AddPhoto, your photos will be saved to the Camera Roll.

Important - Please read carefully -
The first time you launch the app, you'll see the message "AddPhoto would like to access to your photos". Tap "OK".
If you select "Don't allow", the app won't be able to access to your Camera Roll and will fail to work properly.
iOS 6 requires photo album access permissions for any app.

Only the first time you can't include video, because above message  doesn't show for video.Please use photo only at first time.

If AddPhoto doesn't work, you will need to grant the app permission to access your device's photos.
Settings --> Privacy --> Photos --> AddPhoto (ON) 

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ made AddPhoto an article.

✓ I got mail.
Actually, the number of photos are 3806. Really great that all my photos were imported to camera roll. Thanks ! 
I've 149 video files and it's around 20.46GB size totally. It's really take time to import back to my MBP iTunes....your app successfully help me to put all my video files back to iPhone camera roll in two times 

Super! ★★★★★ 
by DmitryDen - Version 4.0 - Oct 29, 2013 
Thanks man! Your programm is the ONLY, which can save the original date and time of the photo and GPS position where it was made. After you transfered all photos, you can see all of them by time correctly on your Iphone! 

✓ UK
AddPhoto ★★★★★ 
by GarethsLeftFoot - Version 3.1 - Jul 4, 2013 
This is the first time I've bothered to do a review after buying 100+ apps, thought I'd make the effort as nobody else seems to have done one. I took a chance on buying this with no reviews, and it does exactly what I needed: quickly transfers mov files (e.g. files converted from GoPro footage) into my iPhone 4S, so I can use them in iMovie on the phone. It's also a very quick way of uploading jpegs to the phone. Recommended if that's what you need! 

✓ UK
Awesome job. All of u guys need this ★★★★★ 
by 2012-Ali-2012 - Version 2.1 - Mar 22, 2013 
Soo easy job n quick job too this saves all the pic into camera roll without makin new folder. U have to save all the pic n go through them on iTunes to transfer the iPhone camera roll. 69p its worth it. You all guys need this n it's does the job. 

✓ Singapore
Works perfectly ★★★★★ 
by Elliepochi - Version 2.0 - Mar 7, 2013 
Allows you to transfer photos from your PC directly to camera roll using itunes' drag and drop. It works really fast and its easy to use. Recommended. 

✓ Hong Kong
Solve my problem - photos back to camera tools ★★★★★ 
by SL-HK - Version 3.0 - Jun 20, 2013 
Successfully moved back my 3806 photos back to camera roll ...using iPhone 4S ..sorry for video ..not supported ..still waiting for solutions ..I got 146 video clips ... 

- The VIDEO function was added by exchanging mail with this at Version 3.0

✓ Italy
Panoramic photo bug ★★★★ 
by Davide Russo - Version 3.0 - Jun 3, 2013 
Please fix the problem whit panoramic photo 

- The panorama shot corresponded with version3.1.

YouTube - Recensione AddPhoto [iOS] -Blog 183

YouTube - How to put video and photo in the camera roll of iPhone/iPad